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Vika by Max Stan - Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

Vika in “Flower – The Movie” by Max Stan
As the poster for this new Met movie so aptly says, “A Sensual Smile… The Sweetest Eyes.” That is Vika in a nutshell. Sensual smile, sweet smell, and now, thanks to a day trip with Max Stan to the forest, a private little flower that she wants to share with you.
The action begins with Vika entering in a silky red robe draped elegantly over her petite little body. She is the very image of youth liberating itself. She means to walk in the woods, and to remove her clothes, and to share her body with nature. Who can argue with that? Continue Reading »

Mosterotic Lana, Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

Alla Metgirl, Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

Over the past months, we have come to expect consummate artistry from Pasha, without a doubt one of our most popular photographers. This month, however, even the master has outdone himself with a series so stunning, so simple, and so pristine, even we are rubbing our eyes in amazement. The series is called “Alla,” and it features a model and a setting of such innocence and beauty, you will be transported back to a time when nature and youth were pure and untouched in a world far from ours.

At the center of Pasha’s most recent masterpiece is the incredible model, Alla. She is the image of all things perfectly feminine and pure. Her skin is of the smooth alabaster, like finely honed ivory. Her auburn hair is in tight curls, looking like early grapes hanging from the vine. Her lips are rouge and pert. She looks delicate and adorable with eyes that smile and a body that moves lightly and gracefully. She is, in essence, the very epitome of a young nymph ripening into a woman.

And Pasha has chosen the perfect settings to highlight her infinite charms. One setting is the inside of a bedroom, showered in a deep bronze late afternoon light. Continue Reading »

Mosterotic Alexix, Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

Mosterotic Dasha, Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

My name is Dasha. I am from Kiev. I enjoy very much to read, to listen to music, and to swim in the lakes near my family cabin.
How did I choose to be posing naked, you may ask? After a day at the beach on my vacation, I decided to go for a walk alone in the town. The villages of Ukraine make me feel so romantic.
As I passed by a café, a young man caught my eye. I knew he was looking at me with desire, so I decided to meet him. We started talking and I got a funny feeling in my stomach.
You must understand. I am not every experienced in the ways of men. Where I am from girls are taught to be very shy and selective. I also want to save it for a special moment.
Well, my special moment was near. As we were talking, this young man told me he was a photographer. He said he took beautiful pictures of models with girlish beauty. He wanted to take pictures of me!
O, I was so scared! But I was also so excited. So I told him I was willing to go, but that I would not take my clothes off for him. He said that was fine, and we went.
Well, as you can see, I was not good to my word. When we got to his apartment, he gave me some wine and we talked. Then he invited me to his room. There were colorful silks on a beautiful bed. He asked me to get on the bed and, before I knew it, I was becoming naked! He truly teased my clothes off with his camera.
He had me show my breasts to the camera. He had me pull off my panties. And he had me show my entire nakedness. O I felt so free and I wanted to make love with him!
But I will tell you no more. The pictures say for themselves. I hope you enjoy looking at my body as much as he did. When I think about that day, I get that funny feeling in my stomach again. I am still young and my body is still maturing, but I feel that something changed in me that day. I feel ready now for love.

Mosterotic Irina, Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

Vika in Dream Field by Pasha - Metmodels, Magicnude Metgirls - Most Beautiful Girls around the World at MET-ART

Vika feels the lure of the sea in her sweet young belly. She follows this feeling to the beach near her house. There, alone, she plays in the sand, naked and aroused. It is a primal event for this young beauty. She discovers things, feelings about herself that she didn’t know she had. She feels like the woman she soon will be.
To Vika, the sea is the man of her dreams. She has never known the love of a man, but she has known the love of the sea. He has enticed her into such wonderful ecstasy, she lives to please his passions. She understands his need for her, and she is happy to satisfy him.
The smell of the sea is the smell of her man. It is the smell of salt and open sky and adventure. When Vika smells the sea, her untouched body trembles. She feels it in her secret places where she grows all full of new desires. The smell of the sea excites Vika to enact her fantasies.
The sands of the sea are the hands of her man. She loves to rub her body in those wet, warm hands. They tingle on her pert nipples. They tickle her round, firm buttocks. They slip into her cozy sex and she washes them out with the sea. The hands of her man are welcome in her every sensitive part. Vika is deeply stimulated by the sands.
The waves of the sea are the passion of her man. His lusty surges thrash against her tender, shivering breasts. His eager foam flows and laps between her desperate thighs. Vika gives her virgin body to the urges of the sea and she accepts his every liquid eruption into her girlish innocence.
Swimming in the sea, she feels her lover’s wet embrace. This is what she lives for. These moments of rapture with the sea. This is her dream life, as she moves to and fro among her passionate mate.
Vika is dancing naked for the sea. She is giving her body to its incredible power, and letting it teach her the sensual methods. Is there anything more pure and beautiful? These are the thrills of teen desire. Come, and share Vika by the sea.

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